Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Requirements:
Video playback available in HTML5 and Flash in order to provide a wide range of compatibility across most devices.
Internet: DSL/Cable or faster
Computer: 99% of Computers will be compatible with the video player. If you are able to see videos, you will be ok.
Browser: All major and current browsers are supported (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari, etc.). Please upgrade your browser if it is Internet Explorer 7 or below. To see if you should update your browser, please visit
Flash: You will require Adobe Flash installed for desktop and laptop computers – Please download Adobe Flash from here:
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I view presentations on my Tablet or SmartPhone?
Currently video playback is partially supported on Apple iPhone (3+) and iPad tablets and Android devices that utilize Android version 4 .0 or higher. Devices running older versions of Android may experience playback interruptions and will require a software upgrade. HTML5 or Flash compatibility is required.
Some devices will not be compatible with playback.
Can I view on Apple TV or a Smart TV?
Sorry, currently video playback is not supported on these devices.
Can I download the presentation to watch when not connected to the Internet?
Unfortunately no. You will require an Internet connection to stream the presentations.
Can I view presentations from Work or Home?
Absolutely! As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to view the presentation.
Can I pause a presentation and resume it later?
Yes! Play, Pause or Rewind whenever you need to.